My Blog Intent

I’m new to blogging and WordPress, but I have interests and opinions on a wide range of subjects and think it would be great to share, as well as have a place to discuss / connect outside of the regular social media platforms. This is a bit of an experiment at this point, and an exercise in letting go of perfectionism in the interest of producing and sharing  more. Please do feel free give me your feedback.  I envision many of the posts as iterative as I’ll be going back and editing them as I go – though I’m not sure that’s really how blogs work.

My primary focus will be on social media the ways in which it can improve our experience both socially and from a marketing perspective ( disclosure: I am a marketing manager, but will try to not sound like it) I’m also a continual student looking to improve my knowledge in this realm.

To keep the blog interesting I’m also going to blog on some of  other interests – namely technology ( I’m a bit of a nerd,) good food, art and architecture, attempts at organizing and filtering an increasingly complex, data filled world that threatens to overwhelm my insatiable curiosity (or at least distract me.)



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