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List of My Top iOS Apps

This is an incomplete list, but I’m trying to pare down my apps, so only the ones I use most often are listed here. Feel free to suggest alternatives.


  • Evernote – Synchronized note taking, with pretty cool OCR recognition (you can search for words in pictures or handwriting) – easier to use and organize than Google  – access to web and phone apps including Gmail, Google Drive
  • Awesome Note – Note taking with a beautiful UI/UX and text input functionality – syncs to Evernote
  • iThoughtsHD –  Visual Mind Mapping only on iOS unfortunately, but it is compatible with Freemind, has multiple export formats and syncs to cloud services.
  • Toddledo –  sophisticated, customizable, online task manager that is online and as an app. Can be customized to work with GTD method
  • Time Timer – an intuitive visual time-keeper  (like a stopwatch that can be set to repeat)  ( mainly to remind me to stretch when working on the computer. I try to follow the 20/ 20/20 rule – which is every twenty minutes look up for twenty feet away or twenty seconds – this seems to avoid the otherwise blurry vision from looking at computer / mobile devices. The same can be accomplished by working at Starbucks and people watching.
  • Card Munch or CamCard – Both capture and convert paper business cards into contacts. The prior uses people in india I think while the second uses OCR (thanks heather for the suggestion)

Better than the iOS supplied apps:

  • NEW – or at least back! a redesigned Google maps. The speech for turn by turn is a huge improvement and unlike apple’s maps you can stop it quite easily.
  • Google Chrome Browser – Renders things well and since I prefer it for the desktop it syncs my bookmarks through my Gmail account.
  • Informant Pro – Time organizer – syncs with Apple, Google, Toodledo and more.


  • Flipboard. A cool way to review aggregated content from multiple news and social media feeds. You literally flip through pages – in my opinion makes Twitter content more digestible.
  • Flixster – for anything on movies, where playing, rotten tomatoes ratings etc.
  • Songify – Ever heard of auto-tune? this does that  – sing or say anything and it will put it to music. Fun for kids!
  • CBC radio – a staple with access to multiple stations and podcasts.
  • Songza – plays music based on mood and other scenarios  – free and awesome
  • TED talks mobile  ( Started out as standing for Technology, Entertainment, Design but now covers more – fascinating)

Social media apps:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Hoot suite – an aggregator to keep track of an publish to  multiple social media platforms
  • Linked in
  • Pinterest
  • Foursquare
  • Google plus
  • Instagram
  • WordPress

Drawing and art


  • Mobile mouse – use your iPad or phone as a trackpad over a wireless connection.
  • Remote By apple – controls my tv when I misplace that stupidly small remote.


  • Mint

On the way out

  • Dropbox for Google’s Drive seems to fit my workflow better and it’s free. cons: Google indexes your content for advertising purposes. Drop box was integrated well with some of my other apps.

2 thoughts on “List of My Top iOS Apps

    • I forgot about that type of app. I use Card Munch myself as it keeps the photo, returns the info but also finds any other points of contact like linked in and adds those too. You can thereafter choose to add to your phone contacts or keep them within the app. Thanks for reminding me.

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