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Tips for Transitioning from Windows to OS X

Though I’m back and forth on Macs and PC’s at work, I recently gave over to a well constructed Macbook Air. As I already had an iPad, iPhone and Apple TV I thought I’d try giving the   closed environment the full go.  Along with the change comes getting proficient in a new operating system, in this case Mac OS X Lion.  The following is my reference back to things I’ve found helpful. [ This will be a growing list]

Forward Delete

Replicating the missing backspace or “forward delete” key.  A forward delete can be performed by pressing the function and delete keys simultaneously. Yay! Now if only my iPad/ iPhone did the same.


Screen Capture:
Screen Shot 2012-12-11 at 8.47.49 AM
Alternative native application: Grab
Future topics, once I have them tweaked the way I want:
Full Screen

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